08 April 2009

Contoh Press Release

PT. Batique Textile
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PRESS RELEASE For immediate release


Jakarta, 24 June 2008 – PT. Batique Textile will launch Batique, as their first store in Indonesia. Grand Opening will be held on Friday, 27 June 2008 in Plaza Indonesia hall. The event will be start at 7.00 PM with Press Conferences. The title is Returning The Image of Batik Which Already Fade.

The objectives of the event is to create an awareness in public about the Batique and show the company designer design with using the batic material to them. Besides that, to change the image of batik in order to survive and to well known in young generation, and to maintain the beautifulness of batik with the company designer concept.

To promote our product, we will invite a few media, whether its printed media or electronic media. The event akan dihadiri oleh Vice Precident of Indonesia, Bpk. Jusuf Kalla and wife, Menteri Kebudayaan dan Pariwisata, Bpk Ervin Krisnaldy and wife, a few of famous designer such as Adji Notonegoro, a few of opinion leaders, para selebriti, beberapa distributor and suppliers, serta tamu undangan lainnya.

Acha Sinaga, the chairman of PT. Batique Textile, said “I am delighted to be able to launch the first store of Batique. We try to appoint batik product in Indonesia to become fashion object in current, because batik is one of Indonesia art”. She added: “Our company try to apply batik which we produce can used in casual dresses and expect that our product can get a good position in many customers”.


For further information, please contact:
Maria Dyer Achsahinta
Public Relation Manager
Tel. 021 99595380 Fax. 02193868470 Hp. 08567676344

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